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How to Clean your Glass Candle Jars

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

Watch our video and follow the steps below:

Step #1 - Start scraping out the left over wax

Use a a wooden or metal skewer, or a long stick to scrape out the wax at the bottom of the candle jar. Depending how hard the wax is, it may take some prying to scrape the wax out. Once you have got a majority of it scraped off the jar, you can pour the leftover wax in the bin.

Step #2 - Pull out the wick

Next, you need to grab a paper towel or something you can use to pull the wick out. These are stuck down with a wick sticker and can be hard to pry off. Try get around the underside of the metal wick piece, and it should slowly pull free from the jar. Side note - NEVER put your jars in the microwave with the metal wick piece still inside the jar.

Step #3 - Put the jar in the microwave

Once the metal wick piece is free from the jar, you can pop the glassware in the microwave to melt the remaining wax off the sides and bottom of the jar. 1 - 2 minutes is enough time for one jar, do be careful when getting it out of the microwave as it will be HOT. I recommend using a paper towel to grab the jar . Next, you can pour the melted wax into the bin, I typically put a paper towel down in the bin, or use any rubbish that I could pour the wax into.

Step #4 - Clean the remaining wax out

Once you have poured out the melted wax into the bin, you can start wiping the wax off the sides of the jar. I often use multiple paper towels to get the jar extra clean, as black soot can coat the sides of the jar.

Step #5 - Take any stickers off

While the candle jar is still warm you can peel off any stickers as the adhesive is typically easier to pry off when the jar is warm.

Step #6 - Give it a soapy clean

Lastly, you can pop the jar in the dishwasher or give it a hand wash to get it extra clean for you to reuse or recycle.

Thank you for helping the environment

Now that you know exactly how to clean your candle jars, you can help the environment by reusing them as a cup, for a new candle, returning it to our stores, or chucking it in your glass recycling bin.

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